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Information about the responsible use of antibiotics and also containing information about medicating your pet.
An RSPCA sponsored site explaining some of the things to think about when considering buying a new pet. The cartoon style video provides food for thought.
A Facebook page with information on keeping your cat happy, healthy and safe. Includes advice on various cat-related topics such as behaviour etc.
Keeping your microchip details updated
The UK's largest dog related club, in addition to pedigree dog records, the Kennel Club site has lots of information including on breed health schemes.
The Wildlife Trusts do not offer a general service for the care and rehabilitation of wildlife but their advice pages will help you know what to do if you find one.
Vets save thousands of lives every year using blood products. Pet Blood Bank exists to help save the lives of pets in need.
For a wealth of information on looking after your pet including webinars on first aid for your pet, visit; and understanding arthritis in your dog, visit;
The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund aims to improve the quality of life of pet rabbits in the UK
Animal Poison Line is run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and is the only 24-hour specialised emergency telephone service in the UK dedicated to helping pet owners who are worried their pet may have been exposed to something harmful or poisonous.
ADAPTIL helps your dog adapt to modern life’s stressful situations with natural appeasing messages
How happy is your cat?

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